Happy Family

Two hard-working, honest women that care! For anyone looking for a financial advisor, this is the company I would highly recommend. Knowledgeable and professional, I know my investments are being looked after. So grateful for all of your help.

Judy + Harold Helset

Both brilliant and kind, who took the time to learn about the whole financial picture. 

They didn't just set it and forget it - they spent the time educating me to feel confident about my financial plan.

Haylea Sauer

Having worked for many years with Sandy and Shelby, I know they have the skills and experience to work well with people who have many diverse needs, efficiently and effectively


Marilyn Poncelet

Trust is an integral part of any relationship – and my relationship with my financial advisors, Sandy and Shelby, is rooted in trust.


Dorothy E.

Enjoying a Tablet

It was an absolute pleasure working with Shelby and Sandy from The Wealthy Roots Team.  They set up TFSA accounts for us and we found them both to be extremely knowledgeable and had excellent follow through. We appreciate their up-beat personalities and would highly recommend their services.

Cheryl + Barry Hill

We trust Sandy and Shelby from Wealthy Roots to care for all of the Mehta Family’s personal and corporate insurance needs. 

Dr Rick Mehta

We trust Sandy and Shelby with all of our corporate and personal insurance needs


Joshua Knaak

Best move I've ever made! They made making the switch from a long term investment company easy and comfortable.


Cathy Gannon