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Introductory Consultation

At Wealthy Roots Financial, we love to get to know our clients.


We are all about making a holistic approach when it comes to your personal finances and insurance needs.


During our Introductory Consultation, we will review your statements, current financial situation and assess your finances as a whole. It’s important we see the big picture, so that we can create a suitable and comprehensive financial plan, including current and future  savings, as well as insurance plans.


You never know where life will take you, but we know how we can help you plan!


Making the right investment choice can feel extremely overwhelming. With so many options to invest in, we are passionate about helping our clients make confident and informed decisions about how to invest their dollars.


We have many different avenues we can take when it comes to financial planning, and we know what it takes to help you reach your financial goals — both personal and family goals. We want to help our clients maximize their financial opportunities wherever possible.

Retirement Planning

Sometimes it feels like an elephant is in the room - we all know about it, but don’t want to talk about it. Before you know it, it’s the age of retirement and you haven’t met your financial goals. We want to be there to help guide you in supporting your financial future.


It’s imperative you put a plan in place to succeed with retirement planning and we know what it takes to get there. Every person has a unique journey and we want to customize the right plan with a very diverse approach to retirement planning.

Life and Mortgage

 We may never know what our future holds, but in the event a family member’s health or life has been compromised, it’s important to know your options to best protect you and your family from any unexpected financial burdens. Let us help you plan for your family's protection and find a cost-effective, custom insurance plan for life and/or mortgage.

Critical Illness

Like disability coverage, you may be faced with an unpredictable illness that could effect your health.

In some cases, if you aren't prepared, you and your family could be at risk of financial hardship. 

We want to help protect you and your family against the unexpected.

Disability Coverage

Life can be unpredictable, so it's important to know the best options to protect yourself from financial hardship. We have successfully helped many clients prepare for the unexpected by educating them on how important it is to ensure you and your family have the financial support you need. 


Many people pass on the opportunity to get the necessary support they need to protect their family from job loss due to medical conditions that they could have had covered with Disability Coverage.

Estate Planning

This can be a very difficult topic during a very delicate time in people’s lives. We have a gentle and simple approach to ensure your family is taken care of financially when the situation ever arises. We want to ensure we help educate and support you through this time. 


We can assist you and your loved ones with Estate Planning preparation and ensure you make the right choice when it comes to disability, critical illness, premature death and any other difficult situations that may arise for you and your family.

Group Savings Plans

Group Savings Plans can be strongly recommended for your team for many different reasons. Below are some important points to help support your team structure. 


Employees see the importance of feeling valued and we feel a great way to increase loyalty from your employees is by offering them more great reasons to be a part of a great team. 


  1. Retaining valuable employees

  2. An incentive for your employees

  3. Promote positive health for your employees

Group Benefits

Much like Group Savings Plans, Group Benefits can be strongly recommended to reduce high turnover and retain talent within your team. Below are some important points to help support your team structure.


Employees see the importance of feeling valued and we feel a great way to increase loyalty from your employees is by offering them even more great reasons to be a part of a fantastic team. 


  1. Employee retention

  2. An incentive for your employees

  3. Encourage financial savings

Health and Dental Plans

You don't need an employer to get access to extended health and dental plans. 

We have convenient and affordable plans unique for you and your family. 

Learn how you can maintain the health of your teeth and body without breaking the bank.

Travel Insurance

Heading on a trip? Don’t be afraid to let loose on vacation by being prepared.  


Why is it important? 


You never know when your baggage is going to miss a flight or be re-routed, so protect your luggage and your travel arrangements with insurance. Also, don't forget about your health — you never know if you’re going to get sick or injured while travelling.


Learn more about the variety of Travel Insurance options by booking an appointment with us. We have various solutions for either short term, long term, or multiple trip insurance coverage. 

Start by booking a consultation today!

We are excited to explore options and design custom financial strategies for

any client.

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